Jawline Reshaping

Reshape your jawline and see life from a different angle

Ready to accentuate the angles of your face or refine the overall V-shape of your facial structure? Jawline reshaping can either enhance or reduce the appearance of the jawline, using surgical or non-surgical procedures.


What are my options?

Your jawline transformation journey begins with a consultation where we will discuss your unique needs and expectations. You may choose non-surgical fillers or surgery to achieve your desired outcome.

Fillers help to reshape, contour, and define the jawline without surgery and no recovery time. They add volume where it is lacking to minimize the appearance of sagging skin. They can also be used to give a more ‘chiseled’ jawline or to augment a weak chin. The filler lasts approximately one year, but length of duration can vary depending on the patient.

For those patients who feel they have a jawline that is too wide or angular (usually due to grinding/clenching their teeth at night), Wrinkle Relaxers is a good option. It is an effective treatment to for an overly prominent, disproportionate, or asymmetric jawline caused by enlarged muscles along the posterior jaw. The treatment works by reducing the size of the muscles injected, thereby smoothing the facial contour. The effects, while variable, last about 6 months.

Chin implants Aesthetic chin surgery provides a permanent alternative to filler. Surgery can enlarge or reduce the bony structure of your jaw. It can create a stronger chin, make the chin wider, or even slightly lengthen the face. Implants of multiple shapes, sizes, and materials are available, and are chosen to best suit the patient’s needs. Learn more about chin implants.

Curious about Jawline Reshaping?

Could your look and your confidence benefit from jawline reshaping? Find out if you are a good candidate and explore the possibilities at Clinique Dr. Karl Schwarz.
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