Thanks to Dr Schwarz and your team for giving me confidence.
Chloé Grégoire
I had my rhinoplasty only 2 days ago, no pain since I woke up, everything is going wonderfully, I can't wait to see the result!
Thanks to Dr Schwarz and your team for giving me confidence.
Thanks to you Dr. Karl Schwarz and your awesome nurses!
Nour A
I had suffered for over 10 years because of my nose (thick skin and lots of cartilage, very large advanced nose vs a very small face).
Today, about 3 weeks after my rhinoplasty, I still can't believe the new beautiful nose I have is mine! Only a true artist could do this work. This surgery not only made me look better, it gave me back the self-confidence I had lost.
Thank you for everything!
Awesome clinic and staff.
Naila Debbache
I had a rhinoplasty done by Dr Schwarz and it was a great experience. He's very honest, nice and attentive.
I wanted something natural looking and was very pleased with the results. The service provided pre and post is also great. Awesome clinic and staff.
The Best Doctor Ever!
Nada Youssef
For the past couple of years I debated whether to do a rhinoplasty or not, I was afraid I'd be judged, and that I would look too different. I even tried to learn to love the bump on my nose but I was never confident about how I looked. In my eyes, my nose kept growing and growing until I couldn't take it anymore; and so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Karl Schwarz, a surgeon that my friend had recommended me to.
I was nervous going into the consultation but after meeting him, I felt more comfortable because I knew I was in good hands. The first thing he asked me was why I wanted to do it and what I wanted to change about it. He then walked me through the process of a closed Rhinoplasty and what he would have to do to achieve the look I was going for. Fortunately, using his 3Dmodelling software, I was able to see the results of my rhinoplasty even before; and the best part was that I still looked like myself. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my plans were completely pushed back and so I was under a time constraint but Dr. Schwarz and his team were very understanding and accommodating to me. The day of the surgery had finally arrived they had pushed my appointment earlier and although the wait pre-surgery was longer than I thought everything else went smoothly; the team was nice and inviting which helped calm the nerves. An hour after the surgery I woke up in the recovery room and was later taken home. The recovery process also went somewhat smoothly, luckily I did not experience any pain. However, I struggled to breathe through my nose even after removing the plugs. But it is a process and it was definitely worth it because after removing the splint one week later it made me one happy girl; despite the swelling (which is normal) I could tell he had done exactly what I had envisioned ... and the best part, it still looked like me, but a more confident version of myself.
The whole staff went above and beyond to make me comfortable and was so nice.
Julie Castro
I recently went for a breast augmentation consultation with Dr Schwartz and his team. The clinic was stunning and had a calming atmosphere.
The whole staff went above and beyond to make me comfortable and was so nice. This was my first ever consultation for surgery and they made me feel at ease and reassured.
I will be booking my surgery for winter 2022 based on this experience.
What a great team!
I’ve had an amazing experience before/during/after a surgery.
Danielle Hebert
I’ve had an amazing experience before/during/after a surgery. Dr Schwartz was really realistic about the results and gave me exactly what i was looking for, something natural and without implants. Loved all the team of nurses and the anesthesist, I found them all to be very professionnal.
Tania looked out for me after the surgery.
I also so had appointments with Issa for the scars - she is amazing 😍.
I highly recommend this clinic.
Tummy tuck, breast lift/reduction, butt lift, thigh lift...
Thanks To Dr. Schwarz For Changing My Life
Lexie Keith
Looking back on the last year since I first met Dr. Schwarz, it's hard to know where to start. I walked into that first consult very nervous. After a lifetime of being overweight and five years of working to lose it, the skin that was left behind was very discouraging. Within the first minute of sitting with Dr. Schwarz I was instantly at ease.
He was patient listening to and answering my many questions, he explained exactly what the procedures would entail, he explained why certain things I asked about wouldn't be worth it, and outlined a two-step process that he believed would give me the best outcome for what I went in asking about - I never felt like he wanted to rush through our consult to get to the next patient. I had booked consults with a few other doctors but knew walking out of his office I would be booking with him.
The surgery itself and recovery process was made so easy thanks to Dr. Schwarz and his incredible team. I'll never forget the morning of my surgery he walked in and started with "so, are you excited?". It's such a simple thing, but instantly all worry I may have had disappeared, because he was right - this was exciting! In the weeks and months following surgery, him and his entire team made recovery so easy. They are all absolutely amazing - so warm and kind. You know they are a close family in the clinic, and they make you feel like part of the family every visit. We are now done both of my surgeries (tummy tuck, breast lift/reduction, butt lift, thigh lift, and breast augmentation) and I honestly cannot believe that it's me when I look in the mirror. There could never be words to thank Dr. Schwarz for changing my life and giving me a sense of confidence. He really listened to every concern I had and gave his everything to make sure I had the results I worked so hard to achieve.
Breast Augmentation
I Love The Results Of My Surgery
S. W.
I want to express my sincere appreciation, firstly, and most importantly, to Dr. Schwarz for the terrific job he did. He was very patient with me and my husband in my initial consultation (before Covid). He gave direct and clear answers to all my questions and gave me a lot of confidence that he understood my needs and that I would get the results that I wanted. In fact, I love the results of my surgery (as does my husband) and, surprisingly, the pain, swelling and discomfort were minimal.
I want to thank you, Anna, for putting me at the top of the list for surgery and not minding my weekly calls during the Covid lockdown to check about scheduling. I was going through a very stressful time after my oncologist had found a suspicious area in my breast that needed to be excised and you were very responsive and reassuring. As the frontline worker, you did a great job representing your team.

I want to thank Tanya, my nurse, for being so patient and gentle with me, for giving me her cell phone number in case I needed it, and for taking my husband's urgent call at 11:00 pm one night when I was unwell. Her compassion as a caregiver was exemplary and very much appreciated.

I want to thank the nurse who took care of me post-operatively. I asked her name, but didn't retain it as I was in a narcotic fog (Valerie???). I was in great discomfort and she was very sympathetic, attentive and responded to my every whimper.

There is nothing negative that I can say about my experience considering that we are/were in the time of Covid-19. I would definitely recommend Dr. Schwarz and Clinique-K.
Tummy Tuck
The Best Doctor Ever!
Pamela Al Chidiac
My experience with doctor Karl Schwarz was one the best experience i have ever had and seen, this was my first surgery, I did tummy tuck and the abdominal liposuction, I wasn't worried at all because I trusted Dr. Karl's work and he delivered more than I expected even, i know they say don't look at your body now it's its swollen but his work really showed because I could see the huge difference.
And I'm really happy with how my recovery is going, and the instructions followed by the explanation was also helpful and clear. Even my husband told me when he saw my stomach that Dr. Karl's work was very clean it was like he is an artist. And I would also thank Nurse Tanya for taking caring of me as well as Nurse Rebecca and nurse Valerie overall thanks to all of you are such a sweet staff and I had the best experience... Simply the best.
Thank you.
Great service!
Sindy Fournier
After my surgery, as soon as I have a concern or a question, in order to reassure me, Tania always gives me an appointment during the day!
I also have access at all times to talk to someone. Really satisfied and confident. Thank you to the whole team of Dr Schwartz.
Highly recommend
Jan Johnston
Highly recommend ..
my friend suggested I see him after she had a good experience and I am so happy I did.
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